Quality Policy

Malibu Heath Products Limited shall continuously strive to improve the level of service, promote and develop a culture of continuous improvement of the service to our interested parties and our quality management system.

We are committed to strengthening our partnership between ourselves and our stakeholders and to use the policy as a framework for reviewing quality objectives which includes the monitoring of:


The performance of the OMS and our quality objectives will be reviewed to ensure their effectiveness and continued suitability at our 12 monthly management review meetings.

It is important that we adopt of the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking in our day to day running of the business.

It is extremely important that the quality management system is effective, and the requirements of the quality management system consistently maintained.

It is top management policy to engage, direct and support persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system.

We are committed to satisfying and maintaining customer satisfaction the requirements of applicable stakeholders.

The contents of this Quality Policy shall be communicated to all personnel via our web site and the understanding of the policy verified during internal audits.

As Managing Director I take full responsibility for ensuring that this policy is communicated and implemented throughout the organisation and any other interested parties via our web site. POLICY APPROVED BY: S. Spurling (Managing Director) 1/4/2019